Friday, September 26, 2008

How my kids will be smarter than your kids

After reading this article, I'm fairly confidant my kids will be smarter and more prepared than your average kid. You see, I'm a techno geek and even if my kids are not, they'll be in an environment where they are comfortable with technology. Tools like the Nintendo DS are extremely powerful and will be in my children's hands.

There are other learning games around like Brain Age and whatnot that don't help with specific skills, but help overall cognitive thinking. That, to me, is much more crucial than knowing your multiplication tables or how to spell specific words.

Even though my generation is still much more open to technology than any previous generation, I still don't see lots of my peers allowing their kids to play the right kind of games to push the development of their minds, even when the kids don't know that's that is happening. So I will expect my kids to be 50% above the average, and anything else is a big let down :)

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