Thursday, January 29, 2009

About to tell work

So now that the family knows, it's time to tell work. This will be fun to finally be able to spill the beans on my secret, especially because there are a few other people at work that are pregnant and due around the same time. Also, this will finally shut up all the people that have been nagging me to have kids of my own :)

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

So we told my family

One of the joys of being pregnant is actually getting to tell people about it. At least as long as it's a positive thing, which it definitely is for us. So today we finally broke the news to my family.

We started with my mother, who is quite baby crazy. She has nine grand kids already, so this will be her tenth. She was very excited and even said she is going to get started on a baby quilt, which my wife and I both love. We then went through the litany of brothers and sisters that I have and told them and they were all very thrilled.

The way we told them was very obvious, but still fun. We were both on speaker phone and asked them to guess why we were calling. Pretty much everyone got it right, except my oldest sister wasn't thinking that, but her kids were.

It's pretty fun to be able to share this joy with everyone now. Keeping that bottled up is perhaps the hardest secret I've had to keep.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Babies Я Us

Lordy lordy has it been a while. Things are still going strong, and the morning sickness is still strong. We're at 12 weeks, so we're about to enter the second trimester, so hopefully those will subside shortly.

So, a big contributor to first child anxiety, Babies Я Us. Now I have been a pretty calm cucumber so far. I know I'll be a good father and my wife will be a great mother. We as a team can handle this. Going into Babies Я Us and doing a registry yesterday, it kind of planted some doubts in my head.

First, my wife is really on top of things. She definitely has things covered. I, on the other hand, haven't a clue like I thought I did. So we walk in and it's a pretty good sized store. They call it a super store for a reason. So right at the entrance is the registry uh, registration desk. So there's a good sized crowd there, but we only wait a few minutes and get to sit down.

After we sit down, we start with the paper work. There's a waiting list 5 deep, and now 6 deep for the scanner guns they use to register. As we are filling out paper work, they have a "code Adam". That's Babies Я Us talk for a lost child. The poor little girl was on the verge of tears and that brought my wife to the same verge. After a couple of minutes they girl's father shows up and gives ID and picks up his daughter.

So, after we finally complete the process we walk around for a bit looking at things we will need to check out. My wife is so on top of things, she pretty much knows like 80% of what to register for and figures we will complete that online. Phew, that will save us some time. I'm then informed we will be here for a while, and it's only the first trip of three or four.

So after about 30 minutes our name is called and we get a gun. We head right over to the car seats as that's something we feel we need to see in person. Let me say, there are a trillion options. Thankfully my dear wife has narrowed them down already based on safety reviews and whatnot, so we really only need to look at three. So we check those out, playing with them and trying to figure them out and we move on to cribs.

Now cribs are something I've never thought to be worthy of spending much on, but after looking at all these, the low end ones seems pretty unsafe and unstable to me. I don't think we'll be blowing our savings on one, but the solid wood ones seem like the way to go. So after looking at cribs for a bit, and a few other things, the wife is feeling hungry and nauseous, so we give the gun back and go grab some food at TGI Friday's.

Now, with constant morning sickness, the wife has some unusual demands. At least unusual for a man that will never have to be pregnant. So we order a small amount of food, but the highlight is the wife saying to the waitress, "Could you please not mention food to me?" Now, as she explained it's because thinking about food you don't want makes you more nauseous. The waitress was cool and nice about all that.

So we complete the refueling and head back. We do more investigation of cribs, look at the car seats with some help from the employees, look at play pens (by that I mean, pack 'n' plays), look at bassinets, look at the diaper disposal units, and my wife proceeds to educate me on all kinds of other things I had no clue about. Like what's a Bumbo? It's one of the many mysteries to me until I see it in action. I can't even recall half the things I learned that I had no idea about. It feels like I'm in over my head.

So, that was my day. My head is spinning still. I need to recenter myself so I'm not so freaked out.