Friday, September 19, 2008

Doubts creeping in

So my wife just comes up to me and asks how I'd feel if we didn't try this month to get pregnant. I told her I don't see why we wouldn't, and would be pretty frustrated.

This caused her to bring up her actual argument, she's doubting whether we should just try for a boy, and not just try. She would be really frustrated and wants to just try. I still like holding some sort of power and control over the situation and would like to try for a boy.

See, she's starting to worry we won't get pregnant this month. It's about a 25% try for it in general, so we had to address her expectations. I don't know if she is very good at playing numbers games and odds, but the odds are we won't get pregnant this first try. Odds are decent it will happen in 2 tries, but really nothing is a guarantee.

See, this is the kind of thing that drives me crazy. It's a waiting game, where persistence pays off. My dad wasn't even supposed to have kids his sperm count was so low, but he fathered 5 (all with my mother, btw, he was no NBA star). It will happen, as long as we keep doing the things that physiologically need to be done.

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