Friday, October 3, 2008

Politics as they relate to my kids

With the VP debate last night, and the current huge bailout proposals going on, I thought I'd give some thoughts as to how my politics have changed with the prospect of kids.

See, in the past I've been a long term thinking person in regards to politics and whatnot. And by long term, I mean well into my adulthood. Now, I think long past that, toward future generations. It's a subtle difference, but something that has changed my perceptions quite a bit.

I've also become much more environmentally aware. I was always trying not to be too wasteful, but now I try to conserve and protect. It does matter to me if future generations will have to clean up our mess.

What really scares me is not that I am thinking this way, but rather this is even before conception. What am I going to be when the little guy/gal comes into this world. I hear it's a mind blowing experience, and I'm excited and scared.

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