Thursday, October 16, 2008

Digital Rights Media

Okay, first off let me say I'm a big freedom guy. I like my freedoms and all that, and I definitely want to protect my freedoms so I may pass them on to my kids.

So, it should not surprise anyone that I'm anti-DRM. It's always been for my own personal benefit. I have multiple devices on my own that I use the same files on, why should I be restricted to listen to music in my living room but not my office or my ipod? No way am I paying three times for the same content that I use. I don't distribute outside of fair use.

Now that I'm married, it becomes even more of a situation with my wife having devices she wants music and video files on. And now with kids, no way am I paying for 1 file to be used for all my devices, all my wife's devices, and all my kids' devices, as well as any family area devices.

It just seems so frustrating to me that some of the media industries are trying to stop progress. They stand in the way with lawsuits and all that BS, but that kind of confrontation gets them no where. I think really what they're protecting isn't necessarily the old school methods of distribution, but really the giant automation that would happen if they caught up.

Right now, and these are numbers I'm totally making up, the music industry needs 1 part talent, and probably 2 parts bureaucracy, 2 parts marketing, 10 parts distribution. With the technolizing of the process, many of those jobs go away. I hate to say it, but time to adapt or get out of the way and find new work. It happened to the auto industry, and actually still probably is happening. Yes they fought it, but now many of those people are doing higher skilled jobs making more money. I just don't get people's aversion to change, especially positive change.

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