Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Movies I will make my son watch, and enjoy

So, with the Watchmen movie coming out soon, the inner nerd in me is coming up with lists of movies my son will be forced to watch with his daddy. These are my own personal favorites, and I'll also include an age I deem appropriate, at least at this point. That is subject to change depending on the kid himself as well as sometimes they're more or less impressionable than usual.

Some of these are just great movies.  Some just mean a lot to me for one reason or another.  Anyway, here's my list of movies, in no particular order:

Star Wars - The original trilogy - ASAP - If you don't know anything about Star Wars, you're my wife!  But seriously, great classic science fiction that is pretty much the basis for most people's love of sci-fi.

Fight Club - Not until young adulthood - This is my all time favorite movie.  It doesn't really teach much, but has some lessons on manhood and the like, although those messages aren't always good.

The Fisher King - Probably in the 10-12 year old range - A great and amazing story about how your actions can impact others, and giving back to those less fortunate.  Hilarious and touching all at once.

A Perfect World - Around 10-12 years old - I don't know why, but this movie reminds me of my dad.  I think it makes me cry just about every time.

The Lord of the Rings Trilogy - 5 years old and above - Just about everyone should know what this is about, and the reason I would put it here.

Dumb and Dumber - 6 or 7 years old - Only one of the funniest movies everywhere.  Let's you let loose and just have fun.  And man are fart jokes never old.

The Princess Bride - 5+ years old - Fantastic story of true love.  I'm the man in black and my wife is Buttercup.

Back to the Future - 5+ years old - Great story of time travel and how confidence can change your lot in life.

Raiders of the Lost Ark - 5+ years old - Only the best adventure movie ever.  Enjoyable at any age.

Forrest Gump - 8+ years old - You can do anything with a bit of effort and gumption.  Just don't let it go to your head.

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Busy-Dad-E said...

Two big thumbs up for Star Wars, LOTR, and Raider's--excellent choices. I'd wait until he's a little older before exposing him to Temple of Doom (I saw it when I was about 6 and got so scared by the sacrifice scene that I had to leave the theater). I believe that there is a "movie watching gene" on the Y chromosome, which you will likely pass to your soon (I did to my oldest, anyway). Cheers!