Saturday, March 14, 2009

He's kickin' already

So the wife has been feeling movement and kicking and prodding and whatnot. We've been doing a hit and miss trying for me to feel him. I'd be sitting at the computer working and she'd call me over. I would run over and feel nothing. I'd be downstairs and she'd call, so I'd run upstairs and feel nothing. It was like he had a shy leg.

So finally yesterday I was sitting with my hand there and watching TV with the wife when I felt a slight rumble on my palm. Nope, not him, the wife is hungry. So after a while longer, I feel a definite poke ... poke. That was definitely him, and she confirmed it.

So he's clearly small and weak right now, but I figured soon he'll be bruising my wife with his kicks and punches. It's all very exciting, and just when it seems like it's the most real thing ever, it gets more real.

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