Friday, February 20, 2009

So, with the nausea starting to subside, we're now dealing with a beast of another nature - heartburn. And it's not just mild heartburn every now and then. This is a pretty intense and fairly common heartburn.

So we're looking for good remedies for heartburn that are safe for pregnancy. We've heard papaya enzymes work and will try those, but what other things help?

On another note, the wife thinks she felt movement yesterday. She still makes fun of me because the day before she felt movement and I got all excited and tried to see if I could feel it. But then she clarified that it wasn't baby movement she was feeling.

So I really can't wait until the baby is moving. That is going to be nuts. That is when things will hit me again on how real this endeavor is, and that's both scary and exiting all at once. In fact I even dream about feeling the baby move now. I'm normally not a bid dreamer, but I've had tons of dreams about being both an awesome father and a big time failure. I think that covers the spectrum of my desires and my fears.

We're at 18 weeks or so now, only a couple of weeks until we go in for the big ultra sound and hopefully find out the gender. Then our real preparations can begin. Not this plain old cleaning that we're doing, which isn't exciting or fun, and just work.

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Busy-Dad-E said...

Heartburn is no fun. She could try some Tums. Also avoiding things like carbonated drinks, tomatoes, and spicy foods, especially in the hours before bedtime, can also help. It may be a "wive's tale", but we think that the more heartburn the mother has during pregnancy, the more hair the baby will have (at least it was true for our boys).

At 18 weeks, mom may start to notice some "butterflies" in her stomach that is the baby moving. It'll be a little while longer before you get to enjoy feeling the baby move, but it'll happen soon enough.

There's no doubt by your interest in the baby and attention to detail that you'll make a splendid dad. Cast those fears aside.