Thursday, February 12, 2009

Losing My Office

So we live in a two bedroom townhouse. It's fine for two people. Like everyone we could use more space, but we aren't in a crucial space crunch. But with the baby on the way, it's now looking like my office will be occupied by a baby and baby themed equipment.

So now is the time we need to clear out that room and paint if need be. It's currently a pretty awesome "Incredible Hulk" green. Technically it's an "Appletini" green, but that sounds too girlie for me. But my wife has come up with some schemes to use the green and paint flowers on it so it looks like a field. We'll see how creative we really feel when / if we do paint.

Then it's finding a place for the 2 desks, 1 TV, and 1 bed in there. The bed might actually stay for a bit as someone may need to wake up a lot and breast feed. Either way, whatever stays and goes we will still probably move everything out to do some cleaning and painting.

So where does all that go? If we had a basement, that would be and easy answer. But since we don't, it's likely the family room will have a larger computer presence in it. That leads me to needing to figure out the cabling situation and probably moving some stuff to storage. Who knew that something so small would take up so much space?

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