Friday, February 13, 2009

Since I haven't updated this for a bit

I know I claimed it would be running item, so maybe it's more of a jogging item, but here are a few more things that have changed since this whole endeavor has started:

4. I see movies and TV is a whole other light. I'm super sympathetic to parents and their plights. I saw Taken before getting pregnant and enjoyed it, and I watched it again recently and it kind of freaked me out thinking that in 18 or 19 years I might be dealing with similar issues. And I won't even be a badass to stop it.

5. My employment status is much more stressful now. I'm in no real danger of losing my job, but man does it feel more stressful in case I lose my job. I mean, I would live and so would my life, but uh, my baby don't make any money.

6. Our eating habits have changed. It's not that our diet has changed much, but where we go out to eat has changed. We're scoping out the more baby friendly joints and planning for the future.

7. I think about my father a whole lot more. My father died 11 years ago (when I was 19) and I've always thought about him plenty, but now I think about him more. I could really use his advice and guidance and picking his brain to find out what he went through becoming a father.

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