Thursday, February 12, 2009

Purchasing a crib

Every time my wife says she wants to talk about Cribs, I can't help but think of the stupid MTV show Cribs. With that said, crib shopping can be just as overwhelming as everything else involved with having a baby.

First, you want something safe. There are apparently a million ways a crib can kill a child, and every crib advertises new ways that it prevents new ways of dying. It's pretty crazy. The best thing to do is head on down to a big store that has a large inventory, as well as a varied inventory. You need to see the high end as well as the low end to see what you're paying for.

Low end cribs are typically not solid wood and a little shaky. Those are the floor models. I hear from people that when you assemble them yourself, they aren't nearly that bad. Probably a sales technique for the expensive stuff. The low end ones all seem ok, but probably won't last if you want to put a second kid in it.

On the high end we see multithousand dollar cribs of solid wood and grand design. Throw in the words "certified organic" and you can throw another 25% on top of it. You're long past the point of diminishing returns when looking at these types of cribs. It's just crazy how intricate some of these designs are. Clearly more for the parent than the child.

So the middle tier is where we pretty much reside. We aren't poor, but we definately aren't rich by any means. So with the middle tier, you can still get solid wood and sturdy design. You get non toxic and safe and complying to all the safety standards and whatnot. You can even get what I consider to be overly elaborate design. We've decided to go with the Netto CUB Sleeper. We ordered it yesterday and now I'm overly excited to get it.

This leads me to my next post... Losing my office

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Andy said...

Congratulations on the crib purchase... and goodbye to the office.

I laugh out loud, sorry, LOL... but this is just a small fraction of the many larger things you will do for your child to make their life better and not even think of it.

Congratulations once again!