Sunday, August 16, 2009

Time off of work is great

So my work is pretty cool.  I get 2 weeks of paternity leave when my wife has a child.  I also saved up 12 vacation days and have used it all at once.  I've been home for 3 weeks now, with another week and a half to go.

All I can say is that is a great decision I've made.  I've had all the time to bond with my boy.  It's been amazing.  I have sadly started to drift off into thoughts of work.  I love spending time with him, but work is a large part of my life.  I feel bad that I think of work while I'm with him.  He and my wife are my life, or really probably like 99% of my life.

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Busy-Dad-E said...

Congratulations! Glad that everyone is home and doing well. Sounds like you're adjusting to the (crazy) new schedule. As hectic as it can be, you wouldn't want things any different. Best wishes!