Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Now 8 days over

So we're in the hospital now. The dear wife is having trouble and it's hard to see her go through it.  Labor is something I totally lucked out in not having to do in my life.   So we got here around 3am and checked in.  This after trying to get things going a few of the natural ways like walking, spicy foods etc.  The walking worked the best and got us on a good rhythm of contractions.  Then after we'd rest, things would go back to sporatic and inconsistant.

So even though contractions were ranging from 3 mins to 20 mins apart, we came in to see what we could do.  The contractions are getting harder and more consistant, but still not catching a regular schedule just yet.  Since we're now 8 days over due, we won't be getting sent home, but who knows when this child will be arriving.  I'm excited to meet him!

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