Friday, February 22, 2013

Working late

So as the breadwinner, I'm often left with the difficult decisions of working late or going home to see my boys.  In a bubble, it seems like a pretty easy choice.  I'd do anything to see my boys, but I also would do anything to make sure they have what they need and will have what they need in the future.

That's why this choice is not easy.  I'm not independently wealthy, so in order to make sure my family has what they need I need to spend time away from them, doing things that cause me great stress.  Yes, I do enjoy what I do for a living, but it pales in comparison to my boys and wife. 

I miss putting my oldest to bed.  Reading to my youngest.  Watching TV with my wife, which I can usually still do when I work late, but not tonight.  It's going to be insanely late tonight thanks to upgrading Call Manager...

So it's sometimes sad to think about all the growing up that I miss by being at work.  I know I get plenty and probably don't even appreciate all that I do get, but I can't help but want more.

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